New Release

Gu Jian Qi Tan Online PC


Language : Simplified Chinese

<Cibmall Gu Jian Qi Tan Online PC> inherits the magnificent world view of <Gu Jian Qi Tan> .The background of the game world comes from ancient china myths and legends.In game,players can choose different class of character such as : <Yu Jian>,<Miao Fa>,<Zhan Feng>,<Tian Gang>,<Si Ming>,<Zhou Yin> and others.Each class has his own unique weapon and skill .There are also different gameplay:Housing System,PvP Battle,Treasure Hunt and more to let player explore.

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New Release

Mohun Online


Language : Traditional Chinese, English

"CiBmall Mohun Online" is a brand new PC online game that inherits the core essence of New MoSiang Online‘s features with a brand new game system! The most anticipated, PK online game "CiBmall New Mohun"! Players can choose from six different weapons in game and start a new adventure.

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New Update

M.A.T 2


Language : English

Mission Against Terror 2 offers what none other MMOFPS has to offer and on top of that, its casual! Customize your avatar and battle with it in style. There are hundreds of different costumes to choose from, along with different accessories to enhance your looks. The only limit is your imagination!

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Language: Simplified Chinese

"Xin Tian Long Ba Bu" is a role-playing game, which is the orthodox sequel to "Tian Long Ba Bu". There us total 13 classes and more than 500 types of martial arts skill to let you choose. Players will enter the world of martial arts, acquire and trade resources, and make weapons. The game provides a rich character customization system. The weapons equipped by the players and the skills learned determine the capabilities of the players.

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古剑奇谭 新手卡


1000分钟 游戏时长

1. 登入CIBMALL会员并且验证账号。
2. 点击[古剑奇谭 新手卡]以领取序号
3. 登入游戏点击礼包中心(右上角地图下面)输入序号即可兑换奖励

1. 每个奖励序号只能兑换一次
2. 每个游戏账号将只能兑换一次奖励
3. CiBmall古剑奇谭网络版团队保留修改活动内容与规则的权利,恕不另行通知

CIBmall Exclusive Gift Pack

Mohun Limited Exclusive Gift Pack! First come, first serve!

Blossom Fairy (1 Star) X 1
Physical X Talisman (3 Days) X 1
Elemental X Talisman (3 Days) X 1
EP Stone Fragment: Offensive (E) X 20
EP Stone Fragment: Defensive (E) X 20

How to redeem?
1. Login to Cibmall Member and verify your account
2. Redeem CiBmall Exclusive Gift Pack
3. Login to the game look for the NPC "Quest Instructor" to redeem your CiBmall exclusive gift pack

Terms & Conditions:
1. Rewards in each code may only be redeemed ONCE per account
2. Each CIB Account may only redeem ONCE
3. You may redeem your code via in-game NPC(Quest Instructor)
4. CiBmall MoHun reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice