1. There is FIVE different classes in this mode , each of the class will have an unique active skill.

2. To ensure the game balance each classes have a fixed number limit in the mode.

3. When a player chooses a class, he or she is limited to choose a weapon dedicated for the class. All throwing weapons are disabled in this mode. But in addition, tool cards, pets, suits, decorations, gun soul and other effects for PvP mode are still in effect.

4. In addition to the exclusive active skills, each classes has their own stats in term of HP, defense, damage, and movement speed.

5. Player can always press N or B to re-select the weapon from the list of weapons. The selection will take effect after next resurrection.

6. The mode can dance normally, but the amount of HP that the dance restores does not change depending on the occupation.

7. When player is within the payload, he or she are not allowed to dance or use machine gun.

8. Players can locate the supply spots for medical kits, and extra bullet magazine.

9. Please watch the videos for the classes introduction.